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Construction, manufacturing and business support services targeted in cartel whistleblowing campaign

The UK's Competition & Markets Authority has launched another campaign to encourage whistleblowers in a bid to expose more cartels. Last year's campaign led to a 30% uptick in cartel reporting, according to the CMA. This year's campaign is focused on construction, manufacturing and business support services. The CMA has reminded the public that individuals can receive up to £100,000 for tipping it off. 

Although competition authorities like the CMA promote their ability to expose cartels by means of own initiative investigations, there is still no getting away from the importance of whistleblowers, whether corporate or individual, in exposing illegal collusion.

New campaign targets cartels as tip offs rise by third A new crackdown is being launched by the UK’s competition authority amidst a 30% rise in the number of tip offs about cartels.


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