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Construction - Facing the future

We were delighted to have a great attendance this morning at our Facing The Future event at the newly opened Collection Gallery at the Royal Academy. 

Roger Zogolovitch (who chaired the project committee for their development of the Royal Academy) provided some fascinating insights into the development of its new campus, the experience of two stage tendering for a major arts project and governance issues relating to charitable projects.

James Howells QC discussed the shortcomings he sees in adjudication of construction disputes and shared his views of how the procedure for resolving construction disputes might be replaced in a manner giving finality to decisions and avoiding duplication and multi-tiered disputes. 

Angus Dawson (who heads up our non-contentious construction team at Macfarlanes) then looked at anticipated government intervention in the construction industry following the Grenfell tragedy and the demise of Carillion. Where might we expect government to intervene, in what way and can we expect this to deliver improvements in the industry?


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