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Digital security in construction

Following my recent post about the prospects of a "digital revolution" in the construction industry, the Chartered Institute of Building has published a short, user-friendly report on "The Role of Security in the Construction Industry".

The report is predicated on the fact that many digital technologies are now an integral part of our built environment - and so the security of digital assets is becoming increasingly important.

The report covers a number of security issues (for people, assets, services and data - and ranging from the handling of personal data to matters of national security), but focuses primarily on how construction managers can start to engage with and address the risks of unauthorised access to, sharing of or manipulation of data, information and systems.

Six overarching principles are identified by the report to assist those involved in construction to identify, assess, implement, manage and communicate issues about security (which the report describes as a "security mindset"):

  1. Adopt a security-minded approach to your professional and personal life;
  2. Apply responsible judgement and take a leadership role;
  3. Comply with legislation and codes, understand their intent and be prepared to seek further improvements;
  4. Ensure good security-minded communications;
  5. Understand, comply with and seek to improve lasting systems for security governance; and
  6. Contribute to public and professional awareness of security.

These principles are accompanied by more specific examples of how construction managers can comply with this security framework, as well as a helpful checklist to assist in demonstrating that compliance.

Whether or not we see a "digital revolution" in the construction industry in the future, this report makes it clear that digital security for all construction and infrastructure projects is important now.

David Philp, Chairman of the CIOB's Digital Technologies and Asset Management Special Interest Group: "The consequences of poor security should not be underestimated. The negative impacts are not just about financial margins, reputation, or the built asset itself – at worst, the lives of personnel could be at risk."


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