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The UK Government closes the Investor visa category

The Home Office has just announced that it has closed the Investor visa category to new applicants with immediate effect.

Current Investor visa holders (and their family members) will continue to hold valid UK immigration permission. The deadline to extend under this category is 17 February 2026 and the deadline to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), also known as Permanent Residence or Settlement, is 17 February 2028. If the Investor Migrant cannot meet the requirements for extension or ILR before the associated deadline, s/he will need to switch into another UK immigration category in order to continue to live in the UK.

We understand that the Home Office will be making reforms to the existing Innovator category for migrants looking to invest in the UK where it leads to genuine job creation and other tangible economic benefits. Details of the reformed Innovator category are yet to be published. It will not permit migrants who passively hold UK investments to obtain UK immigration permission.


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