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Real intelligence on artificial intelligence

The European Parliament has voted in favour of a resolution which will require the European Commission to answer questions relating to consumer protection concerns posed by artificial intelligence. The resolution passed by 39-0, with four abstentions.

The concerns centre on how consumers will be protected from discrimination resulting from rapidly-deployed AI-driven practices and how the Commission will achieve greater transparency and certainty of the underlying datasets which drive the AI.

The Parliament has also queried the measures which the Commission will take to ensure that existing product safety and liability frameworks will be fit for purpose in the modern age in light of AI, noting that the legal concepts of “product”, “damage” and “defect” may need to be reshaped.

Whatever the Commission’s responses may be, it is encouraging to know that due consideration is being given to the risks posed by transformative technologies. Over time, individuals and businesses should have a clearer understanding of where the dangers lie and be able to react accordingly within established frameworks.

The applications, opportunities and challenges presented by these technologies are numerous and affect virtually all sectors


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